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Navigating the Seas of Innovation: The Brite Ave Development & Dual Action Windows Journey

As we continue our story of collaboration between Dual Action Windows and Brite Ave Development, a tale of precision, diligence, and seamless logistics unfolds, encapsulating the essence of our commitment to excellence from inception to installation.

The journey of each window begins with meticulous manufacturing, a process that spans six weeks. At Dual Action Windows, every piece is a testament to our craftsmanship, merging aesthetics with unmatched functionality. Once crafted, these windows undergo a rigorous inspection to ensure they meet our high standards, a testament to our dedication to quality.

The Czech Gateway

Following their creation, these masterpieces are then transported to our fulfillment center in the Czech Republic. Here, they receive another layer of scrutiny, ensuring perfection at every turn. It was after this thorough inspection that Eilon Amidor of Brite Ave Development placed an additional 30% deposit, marking his confidence in our work and initiating the next phase of our journey together.

Customized Crating

Understanding the importance of safeguarding our products led us to design heavy-duty shipping crates, tailored to each order and window size. Constructed from treated lumber, these crates not only protect against damage but also ensure the windows remain unblemished by pests during their journey.

Logistics Symphony

The orchestration of the shipping process is a symphony of strategic planning and execution. With the windows securely packed, we arrange for international ocean freight, charting a course from Europe to the United States. A dedicated 40' HC container, exclusive to the order, carries our products by train to Hamburg, then by ship to New York. Dual Action Windows oversees every detail, including customs, taxes, duties, and fees, ensuring a seamless transition through each checkpoint.

The Final Mile

Upon arrival in New York, the final leg of the journey begins. We coordinate the last transport directly to the customer's residence or job site. Given the significant weight of the crates, some reaching a few thousand pounds, the preparation for unloading was critical. Eilon ensured the correct equipment was on hand, facilitating a smooth delivery process.

A Satisfying Conclusion

With the windows delivered and installed to Eilon's satisfaction, our project neared its completion. The request for the final 10% payment was not just a transaction but a symbol of a job well done, of expectations met, and often exceeded.

This narrative is more than a story of shipping and delivery; it's a reflection of Dual Action Windows' unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. From the first sketch to the final installation, every step is infused with dedication and precision, ensuring that our collaboration with Brite Ave Development not only meets but redefines the standards of luxury living.

Stay tuned for more updates from Dual Action Windows, where every project is a journey of innovation and excellence.


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