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We are happy to adapt the design and installation to the needs of disabled people. An example

is easy handling due to the lowered position of the handle on the window frame or sliding the

window frames without the need for undue physical effort.

Our windows and doors are available in versions matching ADA regulations. Since 2010 every place with public accommodation has to be accessible to people with disabilities.


Our product range includes models that suits to all ADA rules.

Our product is matching the rules 

Lowered handle 

We can low the position of handle on the frame. We can also put the handle to the bottom of window, so it can be reached by children, smaller person or someone with disabilities.

Lowered handle position on frame
Long handle

Long body handle

Long handle body reduces the effort required to operate the handle. This handle can be used while sitting down for normal window heights. Ideal also for windows that are hard to access.

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