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Our homes used to be a place primarily for people to live, rest well, share meals and spend time with loved ones. Now more than ever, our homes have become a place of business, education and entertainment.
Our mission at Dual Action Windows (DAW) is not only to provide products that are high quality, affordable, safe, and energy efficient but also to recreate how people think and feel about the space they live in.
Dual Action Windows (DAW) started its operations in the US in 2013 as a sole distributor and provider of windows for SWD (Superior Windows and Doors). Over time with the expansion of the business through SWD the owner Petr Pechousek realised that the demand for Tilt and Turn Windows is greater than initially thought and decided to branch out the company, offering our windows to every potentially interested party.
The idea itself for starting the business originated after a long and inspiring visit to Europe. We fell in love with the unique design of the European tilt and turn window and wanted to incorporate this design into our homes here in America. After figuring out how to successfully bring the tilt and turn design to their own homes in Chicago, they wanted to share this marvel with others -- creating DAW.
Since DAW’s foundations, the goal has been clear. To provide people with a moresustainable way to live better, easier, comfortable and more efficient.

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Petr Pechousek

CTO and chief of expedition. 

Petr makes sure, your order will get safely delivered on time.

Swati Mehta

Senior B2B project manager.

When it comes to precision, there is no project big enough for Swati.

Mo Aydin

Senior sales manager.

From small house to large multi-use building. Mo will take care of your needs.