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Dual Action

Serving USA customers since 2013

Our Story

In 2013, Petr Pechousek, owner of Dual Action Windows, was asked by a friend who was working in construction to help him bring European windows to a new house in Chicago. Petr, who was a full-time software engineer at that time, living in the heart of Europe (Prague, Czech Republic) decided to help his friend out and so began Dual Action Windows. 


Back then, the only thing Petr knew about Windows was that it was an operating system running on most computers. However, long before the first project for his friend was complete, he knew he was onto something bigger. 


When Petr saw and realized the difference between the windows available in the US market and the windows manufactured in Europe, his analytical mind and entrepreneural spirit made the decision to be the first company to provide Tilt & Turn Windows for the entire United States.


It has been a long journey since then to what Dual Action Windows (DAW) is today, but the main goal is still to bring high-quality, energy-efficient windows at an affordable price to the US customer. 


Windows installed


Quotes processed





Customers satisfied

Our Principles


Customer service and support is one of our main focuses because we care about our clients. We understand that “being there” for our partners and customers at any time is crucial. 


We also care about our planet and we believe that having high-quality, energy-efficient windows helps reduce energy consumption, not to mention reduce your budget on heating and cooling. 

Affordable quality

We wouldn't bother bringing these windows and doors all the way from Europe to the United States if we were not 100% sure that the quality and options we provide meet and exceed the products available domestically.


If you add the cost of our windows, which is more than competitive, to the equation - you get a high-end product for low-end prices.


What we say to our clients and partners, we deliver on - no excuses. We stand by our words and promises, and that is what DAW is built on. 


There are always challenges in business, but any problem can be solved. If a problem arises, we talk about it and solve it - that's how we operate.


Time is the most valuable asset anybody has. We are aware of this.


Since DAW was built on software, we automatize everything we can to provide the fastest response to any request no matter how big or small.

Meet Our Team

Pechy 1.jpg

Petr Pechousek

Owner and CEO of DAW

Petr was born in 1985 in the Czech Republic, Europe, and visited his friends and brothers in the U.S. often, ever since he was 15 years old. He graduated college with a degree in software engineering and became passionate about technologies, as well as sustainable development. 


It was in 2013 that Petr started Dual Action Windows (DAW) per the request of a friend in the U.S. and the demand for high-quality, energy-efficient windows. It was around this time that Petr became an expert in the windows and doors industry. 


Petr is always looking for new ways to make the world a better place and help people fulfill their dreams because anything is possible!

Os II 1.jpg

Adi Hadzic

Head of Sales Department.

Adi has an MBA in International Law and makes sure Dual Action Windows’ customers get all of the answers they need. From pricing, product overviews and ordering to licensing and contracts to delivery, Adi and his team will take care of it.

Venca 1.jpg

Vaclav Turek

Head of Expedition and Transportation.

Vaclav studied logistics and has been working in the freight industry ever since. Whether shipping over land, air or ocean, Vaclav and his team take care of Dual Action Windows’ customers to make sure their new windows are delivered at the right time to the right place in the best condition possible.

Kuba II.jpg

Jacob Hodonicky

Head of the Pricing Department.


Jacob studied construction and has many years of in-field experience. He understands the unlimited options to your window and door needs and he and his team - with cooperation from the sales department - takes extra care to return a quote for exactly what you want as fast as possible.​

Petr 1.jpg

Petr Misak

Head of Customer Service Department.

Petr has 15 years of experience in construction and windows business. He and his team can help with any technical questions, maintenance, service or adjustment advice.


Bara Kott

Head of Marketing Department.


Whether you are looking for brochures, flyers, logos or any other marketing material, Bara and her team will provide you with those.

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