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Child safety

Safe home, safe public buildings 

Whether children find themselves at a window at home or in a public building (school, hospital, etc.), they must be 100% safe. And that's exactly what smart tools make possible, limiting window opening and eliminating the risk of injury.

Our child safety tools  limits opening of the window. There is increased risk of falling out of the vertical or horizontal windows.

Our tilt & turn windows have new safety tools which prevents the risk of children falling out. These special features of the windows is necessary in family houses or in building like schools or hospitals.


Our safety windows with "limiters" are also convenient. You can leave your windows open while you are not at home. You don't have to worry about burglars or your pet's safety.

Opening window limiter

Opening limiters

Very smart & simple tool limiting the angle of opening. The hardware is completely hidden in frame. You can also switch the limiter ON or OFF.

Lowered handles 

We can low the position of handle on the frame. We can also put the handle to the bottom of window, so it can be reached by children, smaller person or someone with disabilities.

White window with handle
Button window handle

Button handles

With this feature you can only use the handle with pressed button on the upper part of the handle. Small children cannot press the button precisely, so they cannot open the window.

Lockable handles

You can also lock the handle with a small key. The lock is in the middle of the handle and can be hidden by a small cover.

Lockable window handle
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