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Safety is the common denominator of the entire DAW range. Whether it's the window opening angle limiters, the locking points on the door, or the child lock or key for using the handle. Your personal space is our number one priority!

Your personal living space is a precious commodity. It is a basic need of everybody to protect it and safeguard the quality of life. Here windows and doors assume key importance. 

They not only provide cosiness, keep noise outside, and help to save energy costs – burglar resistant windows also protect your house or home from forced entry by strangers. 

These windows give you the good feeling of security. With these you enhance and maintain an essential part of your living quality, and protect what is important to you.

Opening window limiter

Opening limiters

Very smart & simple tool limiting the angle of opening. The hardware is completely hidden in frame. You can also switch the limiter ON or OFF.

  • Safety tool that limits opening of the window 

  • Useful for buildings like schools, hospitals or family houses

  • Whenever you forgot to close the window, nobody can open it from outside

  • No additional hardware

Multiple locking points 

  • 4-12 locking points

  • Hardware all around the sash

  • Great weather-sealing properties

  • Always secure ventilation

  • All the hardware is easily replaceable

Multiple locking points on window
Steel window profil

Steel reinforcement 

  • Durable steel profile inside each sash and frame

  • Great protection against forced breaking in

  • Allow to manufacture large assemblies

  • All the hardware is attached to the steel

Hurricane Windows

Extremely high quality and durable profiles together with a sophisticated glazing system. DAW windows are ready to face even the most invasive weather conditions.

Hurricane Windows
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