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Easy maintenance

Keep yourself a clear view 

A constantly changing climate and regular air pollution can have an effect on a window's material or function; therefore, our PVC-U windows are designed for maximum durability and long life. 

Mild detergents and water are completely adequate for cleaning the frames and sashes of our window's profiles, even after years of use, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming coats of paint. 

The hardware and hinges need light lubrication only once a year to maintain optimum functionality. If the window or door needs a readjustment, a specialist can do this quickly and easily. It is so simple, you can probably do it yourself! 

All are simple, low-maintenance measures to ensure years of satisfaction in the windows of your home. 

  • Nonporous, smooth surface and inward-opening allows for easy cleaning

  • Only water and mild cleaners are needed

  • Windows need no expensive coats of paint

  • Slight lubrication simplifies care for all functional parts

  • Fast and problem-free readjustments

  • Optimal results can be obtained with the original care kit

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