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No more noise from outside! Our technically-advanced, soundproof windows have an active, insulating glaze for absolute peace and quiet inside. 


You will appreciate the extremely popular windows with a profile made of premium PVC.

Why Choose Soundproof Windows for New Homes or Offices?

Roads, industries, railways, planes - our world is becoming louder and louder. It is important that thiis noise doesn’t penetrate our personal living space.

Noise pollution has been proven to be harmful to our health, even when you aren’t aware of it. Noise cancelling or soundproof windows not only enhance the quality of your life but your continued health.

We provide you with the right window, tailored to your personal needs. Our ultra modern windows have highly durable PVC-U profiles and the technology needed to provide effective soundproofing that keeps everyday noise where it belongs - outside.

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Window Benefits

Energy-efficient, soundproof windows & doors for an affordable price

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Soundproof windows for a wide range of uses. From projects in need of low noise reduction (STC 36) to houses near airports and highways where high noise reduction (STC 44) is necessary.

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All of our PVC and Aluminum products are Energy Star® certified. This means that with our windows’ soundproof qualities, they also come with energy efficiencies above the standard. U-factor of our standard PVC line is 0.21Btu with air leakage of 0.010.

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All of our products are made out of German quality PVC or Aluminum profiles with multiple chamber systems and hardwares that ensure high security, easy maintenance and long life of your windows and doors.

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Soundproof. Energy Efficient.

High Quality.


These are all fancy and expensive-sounding words, but with AcuPro Windows, you can expect to receive all of the above for a price you wouldn’t believe.

Soundproof technical information

Understanding Soundproof & Energy-Efficient Windows

As you research soundproof and energy-efficient windows, the following technical terms will be used a lot. Below, you’ll find an explanation of some of the most important technical terms regarding soundproof and energy efficient windows and doors.

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