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Windows are crucial design element in the facades of a building and they mould the style of the rooms inside, yet they do not always have to be white. Accordingly it is a particular challenge to attach equally great importance to both the technical functionality and the aesthetic aspects.

Window handlers


Our windows are fitted with German peripheral fittings, which are characterized by top workmanship. Due to their functionality, they meet the highest standards of the 21st century. The main advantages include increased resistance to forced handling and many special properties, which together ensure excellent insulating properties thanks to the perfect pressing of the window sash to the frame around the entire perimeter.


Windows play a vital role in shaping a building's facade and the style of interior rooms. However, they don't always have to be white. Balancing technical functionality and aesthetic appeal is indeed a challenge, but it's one we embrace.With our selection of 44 colors*, we offer almost limitless design possibilities. This enables you to express your unique style and meet your individual needs

* with our top of the line product DAW Alu Clip, which has aluminum on the outside, you can pick your window's exterior color from any of over 300 RAL colors. 

Color palette


Many home-owners are unaware of the high performance options available. Poorly designed windows and inefficient glass can make your home too hot or too cold and increase demand on artificial heating and air conditioning. For many years, the effect of glazing on energy performance and home comfort has been greatly under utilized. 

Well chosen window glass will help you maintain year round comfort and even reduce your power bills. Double glazing, low-e and toned glass are just some of the many options available to improve the energy efficiency of your entire home. 

There are literally thousands of glass types available to use in your home windows. The choice in glazing options has grown dramatically in recent years. We have provided useful information on a number of the most common options available. 


Our product offers an attractive variety of grille colors, patterns and options to add style and curb appeal to your windows or doors, while maintaining easy cleaning.

We can match any color that we offer for our windows and doors including RAL colors, therefore there is huge variety of color options for your grilles. Having a different color on the interior and exterior is not a problem

Our standard grille sizes to pick from are: 5/16", 45/64", 1´1/32", 1´49/64"

With our custom pattern option the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Window patterns
Treatments for windows


Find inspiration for window treatments in every room in your home. Infinite number of color combinations in current interior trends and the most diverse surface textures such as strongly structured, velvety, smooth or high gloss provide for endless creative freedom.

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