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Aluprof’s MB-79N Series: Revolutionizing Windows and Doors for Homes and Commercial Spaces

Updated: Apr 23

Dual Action Windows proudly introduces the MB-79N series by Aluprof, a testament to over 70 years of European craftsmanship and innovation in aluminum windows and doors. As a leading brand within the Kęty SA Capital Group, Aluprof has distinguished itself with prestigious accolades like the Construction Brand of The Year 2023 and Forbes Diamonds 2023, reflecting its commitment to excellence.

Aluprof window profiles, celebrated for their adaptability, have left a mark on diverse architectural projects across Europe, from sports arenas and hospitals to luxury hotels, bustling airports, and modern office buildings. Now, this legacy of versatility and reliability is available to American homeowners and commercial clients, offering unparalleled quality and design.

Unmatched Technical and Aesthetic Features

Profile Depth: With window vent depths of 3 1/8" and frame and door panel depths of 2 3/4", the MB-79N series introduces sleek design without compromising on strength or insulation.

Innovative Insulation: The series features a three-chamber profile system and a double gasket seal, drastically enhancing thermal and acoustic insulation. This innovation leads to U-values as low as 0.11 BTU/(hr.ft²°F) for windows, making the MB-79N one of the most energy-efficient choices on the market.

Air Tightness and Sound Insulation: Demonstrating superior air leakage rates of approximately 0.01 and an STC rating exceeding 30 with standard glass, the MB-79N series ensures your space remains serene and comfortable.

Beyond Performance: Security and Style

The versatility of the MB-79N series caters to a wide range of applications, allowing for customization to fit any architectural vision. Its ability to support double or triple glazing up to 2 1/2" for windows and 2 1/8" for doors accommodates all types of glass, including options for enhanced acoustic insulation and burglary resistance. Whether planning a residential build or a commercial project, the MB-79N series offers security features and aesthetic flexibility to meet every requirement.

Proven Track Record in Europe, Now in the US

Aluprof's commitment to durability and design is evident in its widespread use in significant European landmarks and institutions. The manufacturer's role in enhancing sports arenas, healthcare facilities, hospitality venues, transportation hubs, and corporate offices underscores its adaptability and reliability. This same level of performance, now tailored for the American market, provides homeowners and commercial clients with a window and door solution that sets new standards for quality and innovation.

Choose the MB-79N Series for Your Next Project

Whether you're upgrading your home or designing a commercial space, Dual Action Windows offers the MB-79N series as a solution that bridges the gap between functionality and aesthetics. Experience the future of window and door technology with a product that meets the diverse needs of both residential and commercial projects, backed by a legacy of European excellence and global recognition.

With the MB-79N series, elevate your space with windows and doors that offer more than just a view—they redefine the standards of living and working environments.


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