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Sound Transmission Class

STC (Sound Transmission Class) is an integer rating of how much sound is stopped from transferring from one area to another via windows, doors, walls etc. STC rating is an instrument measurement of how much noise is stopped. The STC ratings allow accurate comparisons.

The STC Ratings for single or double paned windows usually vary from 26 to 33. Soundproof Windows usually have an STC rating of 42-54. To put the ratings into context, an area with high traffic or airplane noise volume may require an STC of around 43 and an OITC of at least 36 to maintain a comfortable sound environment.

Please take into account, that the soundproof windows of many manufacturers work only together with your existing window.

Our soundproof windows can achieve up to 47 STC rating without adding secondary window to an assembly but just by using high quality glazing.

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