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Interior rolled blinds

It belongs between favorite interior shading, which protect not just against sun rays and heat, but it also completes interior of room. This type of shading is suitable for flats and houses, but its also perfect for commercial buildings.


Modernity, clarity and straightforwardness paired with a well-thought-out but simple operation are the main characteristics- Darken sun protection can be achieved by the choice of fabric.

Roller blinds color options

Available in 3 types:


  • Mounting into the wall or roof

  • White, brown, grey or beige components

  • Left or right side controls

Standard Mini

  • Available for sashes with max. width 0.59" 

  • Mounting into the wall or roof

  • White or brown components

  • Left or right controls

Standard Fix

  • Mounting into the window sash (without screwing)

  • Max. window sash width 0.79"

  • White components

  • White or right controls

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