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What type of materials are best to choose when considering a new window purchase...

What do you think? Are windows made from aluminum superior to the ones made from vinyl? The answer to this question is never straightforward. There are many variables that people have to take into account when considering a new purchase. Some of the most crucial ones are, will the windows be installed into a new house or an older building, to what kind of weather conditions will the windows be exposed throughout the year, how often and for what purpose will the windows be used, etc.

Windows material

While we are here for our customers and always help every individual client in choosing the best fit for them we have realised over the time that a high quality PVC or a combination of PVC and Aluminum on the interior/exterior will usually hit the jackpot. From our experience we recommend Aluminum windows to client where the windows are going to be covering an extremely large surface (in cases like this weight of the windows always plays a significant role) or when the architectural plans of the building are based on having aluminum windows installed. Nevertheless our AluClip windows combine the best out of both PVC and Aluminum and create a window that will satisfy the needs of even the most complex tasks.

The aluminum panel on the outside gives you the possibility to choose the color. Internal plastic profiles, in turn, guarantee optimal thermal insulation, a high energy efficiency and, last but not least, low maintenance. This is one of the reasons why most of our clients opt for our premium PVC windows, which are unbeatable price wise and offer a great solution both for private homeowners as well as commercial buildings.

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