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European style windows!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Tilt and turn window is the most used type of window in Europe and is suitable for every type of interior. Its design provides you with a slim, low maintenance, practical window, combining modern styling with easy operation and high security.

When we started delivering European-style windows to the USA years ago, we observed in practice the classic "sliding" windows, which you still most often see from the walls of houses and apartments. At that moment, we are sure that we have something to enrich the American window market. European-style windows have many advantages. Let's summarize their key features!

We will first focus on the daily routine. Compared to "TILT and TURN" windows, pop-up windows do not offer more than one opening or sliding option. You can open the European windows wide, which is useful when you want to quickly change a large amount of air in the room from time to time, and especially during maintenance with regular cleaning, when you simply and safely wash both sides of the window. In common practice, you will probably appreciate the possibility of ventilation or even micro-ventilation the most. Both functions ensure a constant supply of fresh air to the ventilated room without having to worry about strangers entering the house. You can easily leave for a few days and not stress even if you leave the (micro) ventilation window open.

Another great advantage of European windows is the functional, yet elegant design as well as the materials used (high-quality PVC-U or aluminum as a base in combination with double or even triple sealing levels), which will ensure significant energy savings or the absence of unwanted noise. in your personal space. And replacing broken glass? Thanks to the glazing bars, it's only ten minutes away! The vinyl window frame is called a profile. It is precisely these differences in the individual types of profiles that define the product lines of our windows, about which you will learn everything important in detail here:


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