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Elevating Scarsdale's Elegance: Dual Action Windows & Brite Ave Development Unite

Updated: Apr 23

In the picturesque town of Scarsdale, NY, where luxury homes dot the landscape with an average value of $1.5 million, Brite Ave Development Corp, spearheaded by the innovative Eilon Amidor, embarked on a mission to redefine high-end living. The quest for unparalleled elegance and functionality led Eilon to Dual Action Windows, seeking not just any windows and doors, but aluminum options that blend modern industrial design with top-tier energy efficiency.

Why Dual Action Windows? Eilon's vision was clear: to source aluminum windows and doors that could meet the rigorous demands of energy efficiency without compromising on size or aesthetic. His project required custom solutions, especially for multiple entry doors that soared over 9ft tall, making a bold statement of luxury and inviting grandeur into each space.

The Solution: Our journey together began with Eilon sharing his detailed building plans, highlighting the need for a partner who could realize his ambitious vision. The answer was our MaxLight series – the epitome of sleek design and energy efficiency, featuring triple-pane, argon-filled glass in a custom RAL: 7021 (Black Grey) finish.

MaxLight's Distinct Features: Unmatched Thermal Insulation: For comfort across seasons.

Slim & Strong Profiles: Resembling steel profiles for a contemporary industrial look.

Versatile Applications: From fixed to inwards-opening windows, catering to every architectural need.

Security & Durability: Equipped with Swisspacer warm edge spacer bars and multiple locking points for enhanced security.

Solar Control Glass: Selected windows feature solar control glass, balancing light and temperature with ease.

Eilon’s commitment to excellence led to a sizable project encompassing 56 windows, achieving an impressive average U-Value of 0.15, which speaks volumes about their energy efficiency.

The Commitment: With a vision aligned and a contract in place, Eilon trusted us with a 60% deposit to kickstart the realization of his dream. Our dedication extended beyond production, covering international shipping and logistics, ensuring free delivery to the job site for this significant order.

The Outcome: This partnership is a testament to the fusion of aesthetic beauty and environmental consciousness, setting a new standard for luxury living in Scarsdale.

Stay tuned as we explore deeper into this transformative journey, showcasing the beauty and innovation that results from a collaboration rooted in trust, quality, and tailored elegance.

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