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Horizontal blinds present an effective way to control the amount of light you are getting into your home for a very reasonable price. A huge variety of colours allows you to be very creative and decide from many different options.

Horizontal blinds have many characteristics:

They offer shade, control the incidence of light, permit views of the outside, guarantee privacy protection, have delicate hardware and give the room a matter-of-fact, light mood. 

Horizontal blinds color options

Technical details

  • Profiles from extruded aluminium - recommended for tilt & turn windows

  • Non plated version for bevel and broke windows

  • Plastic components in the color of the profile

  • Ladder and cord which are color coordinated with the lamella

  • Plastic components are added UV granulates - ensure longer life of plastics

  • Slat width 25 mm

  • Manner of control is manually by chain

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