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Glass options

Our products use as standard a Low-E glass (double pane glazing with Ug = 0.19 Btu or triple pane glazing up to Ug = 0.079 Btu) with plastic frames that are plated and filled with an inert Argon gas.

We also offer other types of glass: thermal insulation, decorative glass, soundproof glass, solar glass, tempered safety glass or security glass.

All types of glass have additional levels of protection available. Below you can find out what is the right glass for you.

Glass profile

Many home-owners are unaware of the high performance options available. Poorly designed windows and inefficient glass can make your home too hot or too cold and increase demand on artificial heating and air conditioning. For many years, the effect of glazing on energy performance and home comfort has been greatly under utilized. 

Well chosen window glass will help you maintain year round comfort and even reduce your power bills. Double glazing, low-e and toned glass are just some of the many options available to improve the energy efficiency of your entire home. 

There are literally thousands of glass types available to use in your home windows. The choice in glazing options has grown dramatically in recent years. We have provided useful information on a number of the most common options available. 

Double glazed glass


  • Reduces heat transfer very effectively

  • Excellent acoustic insulation

  • Costs much more than single glazing

Low E glass


  • Improves solar and thermal control

  • Reduces UV transmission

  • Relatively expensive

  • Can reduce solar heat gain in winter

Laminated glass


  • Harder to break

  • Reduces noise

  • Cuts down UV transmission

  • Exposure to water can cause deterioration

Toned glass


  • Reduces heat and glare

  • Reduces cooling costs

  • Improves privacy

  • Decreases visibility and light

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