Frequently asked questions

How to properly maintain the window?

Part of the handover protocol is care instructions DAW windows. For more information, see. Maintenance of windows and doors.

What about color fastness of your product?

In compliance with the instructions for use and recommended maintenance of our products, we have not seen any complaints on color stability windows.

Do you offer bricklaying for breaking windows?

Yes, we provide turnkey contracts. This means the removal of existing windows, installation of new windows, bricklaying or listing. Assignment of internal and external sills. For more information please contact any of our dealerships.

What is normally supplied with your windows and what other accessories are available?

Each window has weatherboard on the drainage holes, covers on the lower and upper hinges, micro-ventilation (with windows with tilt and turn action) and a security window handle. We also offer exterior and interior window sills, shading blinds, outdoor blinds, mosquito nets, lockable window handles, wide choice of entrance door handles and handrails.

What is the guarantee of safety of your windows and doors?

Part of the wicket door security hardware. The hardware is based on the central barrier and the upper and lower pin that secures the front door at the moment door is closed (no subsequent lock). When you lock the doors and turn the key this ensures the door safety hooks on the top and bottom secure the door. Our PVC-U windows are equipped with standard safety features. The hardware we use provides the ideal solution to reliably secure windows and patio doors. At the bottom of the fitting there is a patented safety feature to prevent unwanted entry into the window.

Does the company also provide subsequent removal of old windows and roof cleaning?

In addition to transport and installation, it is part of our job to clean the roof, remove and dispose of old windows and doors. These services are provided both for small clients and for large orders.

Do you have experience with the replacement of windows in pre-fabricated buildings, large buildings or office buildings?

Yes, DAW has extensive experience in replacing the windows and the front doors. All work is carried out by our trained staff following technological standards.

How long does the assembly take and what is needed in the apartment / house to prepare?

Installation of windows or even removal can be completed without problems for a classic family house (approx. 15 - 20 pcs/windows) in a single day. In the event that there is masonry work ordered, assembly will be dependent upon the complexity of the bricklayer's finishing. The customer must ensure access to window openings before installation so that the window could utter bore to the building, and that installers are able to seamlessly move about 5ft from the window while working. It is necessary that the customer covers floors and furniture because of the dust during removal.

How long after installation can windows be safely used?

If the installation is done well, then immediately (box must hold already anchored). However, we suggest you leave the insulating foam to harden sufficiently, which is after about 5 hours.

What is micro-ventilation?

In addition to classical ventilation, new windows allow micro-ventilation by opening or tilting the window. It is one of the positions of the handle when the window is closed, but the seal is slightly reduced. This ventilation is advantageous in the winter months, for example at night in dormitories where full opening windows would mean a considerable loss of heat. Although all the windows that can be opened and tilted have the option of micro-ventilation, we recommend more regular-controlled ventilation.

How to properly ventilate?

Ventilation is a very important thing. In new and even older buildings there is increased humidity. Proper heating and ventilation can eliminate dampness in the home, thus prevent fogging. New windows have very good seals and therefore there is no spontaneous ventilation. For this reason it is necessary to regularly ventilate and control low heat loss in the room. Ventilation can be either short-term or done as the so-called “micro-ventilation.”

What to do with mist windows?

Water condensation on insulating glass can have a very simple reason. A very common problem is a poorly ventilated room. Old windows, due to their reduced insulating properties, decrease a large amount of air thus causing constant unregulated air exchange. In contrast, a new window having a perfect seal wouldn’t allow air to penetrate. It is therefore necessary to get used to regular controlled ventilation and thereby reduce the amount of moisture in the air.

Is it possible to replace the windows in the winter months?

Yes, even in the winter months windows can easily be replaced. The removal of old and installation of new windows is only a short time and without any explicit coldness in the rooms. Moreover, the windows are exchanged gradually, so there is always a warm part of the house. The materials we use for installation are certified and designed for use in temperatures up to 14°F.

How long does it take to get the windows?

Once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid the windows/doors are manufactured and shipped overseas. The whole process depends on the color options selected and ranges from 6-10 weeks. Windows with plain white color on the exterior and interior take the shortest time, since there is no additional color film applied to the frame. In contrast, windows with different colors on the exterior and interior take the longest.