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Energy plus

Sophisticated range of plastic windows with high energy efficiency and popular design with double bevel. 3 levels of sealing, including a rain screen with pressure equalisation.


The invisible center seal highlights the soft and slender contours of the window profile. All hardware lies behind the central gasket in the frame, protected against the weather. The greater the wind pressure, the greater the window´s weather tightness.

Energy plus window

Tech specs

  • 3 sealing levels

  • U - Factor Uw=0.21 Btu

  • Optimal thermal insulation

  • Design "classic" offset" - distinctive design with double chamfers

  • unique X-shaped arrangement of webs in profiles for high inherent rigidity

  • Wide variety of colors

  • -Custom dimensions

Color and design icon

Color and design

Color gives windows and façades a new face. Utilize the many possibilities that the TROCAL color range can give you.  Accordingly it is a particular challenge to attach equally great importance to both the technical functionality and the aesthetic aspects.
Our array of 44 colors provides virtually unlimited design potential so you can satisfy your own personal claims of individuality. 

Center seal icon

Center seal

The seal at the center of the frame section is designed to create a pressure equalized rain screen design to give you the highest performance when it comes to resisting wind, water, cold and noise intrusions. The invisible seal is designed to increase the window‘s sealing properties with greater wind pressure. It supports the gentle contours of the window, is welded at all four corners and is located in front of all hardware for ideal protection against corrosion.

Thermal insulation icon

Thermal insulation

The 70 mm deep profiles with Uf-factor for the frame of 1,2 W/m2 K a will meet the requirements of even the most stringent Energy codes worldwide. Combine Economy and Ecology, it pays off short and long term.

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