Tilt and turn windows

Tilt and turn windows

The tilt and turn window is a dual functioning window. You can swing it like a door (inwards) or tilt the top of the sash into your room for ventilation.

Their design provides you with a slim, low maintenance, practical window combining modern styling with easy operation.


How they open

There are 3 modes for ventilating with tilt and turn windows.

  • The tilt mode ensures a healthy and stable air exchange with minimal effort. Just turn the handle and the window will tilt in. With the air exchange happening at a steep angle, the fresh air will enter and gradually make its way throughout you home, evenly ventilating any room.

  • The turn mode allows for rapid and very thorough ventilation. It can also be used when cleaning the window as this mode gives great access to both sides of the sash. In an emergency, this mode can be used as an easy fire escape rough.

  • The micro tilt mode or micro ventilation mode is the final addition to the open modes. However, this feature is very handy for slow and consistent ventilation. By letting it run all day, you can ensure a healthier atmosphere inside your home. It can even be left open like this in the winter and not freeze.


  • Inward Opening Window with tilt function

  • Energy 'A' rated

  • Single handle (choice of colours) with dual function

  • Tilt for ventilation

  • Turn for easy cleaning and egress

  • Much larger openings possible over standard casement windows

  • Can be made in to a dual function patio style door

  • Larger panes of glass can provide uninterrupted views to the outside

  • Tilt & Turn Window - 44mm Triple glazing option available


Fixed Window


Tilt and turn Window


Double tilt and turn window