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Windows by type

We offer the European Classic Tilt & Turn Window. This universal window has two options: 


1) Tilt Window - allows a limited amount of ventilation and enables a constant inflow of fresh air into the premises

2) Turn Window - opens at a 90° angle, allowing full ventilation of the space. 


This is the most used type of window in Europe and is suitable for every type of interior. Its design provides you with a slim, low maintenance, practical window, combining modern styling with easy operation and high security. 

Dual tilt and turn window

How Do Tilt & Turn Windows Work?

There are 3 modes for ventilating with tilt and turn windows.

  • The Tilt: The tilt mode ensures a healthy and stable air exchange with minimal effort. Just turn the handle and the window will tilt in. With the air exchange happening at a steep angle, the fresh air will enter and gradually make its way throughout your home, evenly ventilating any room.

  • The Turn: The turn mode allows for rapid and very thorough ventilation. It can also be used when cleaning the window as this mode gives great access to both sides of the sash. In an emergency, this mode can be used as an easy fire escape.

  • The Micro Tilt: The micro tilt mode or micro ventilation mode is the final addition to the open modes. This feature is very handy for slow and consistent ventilation. By letting it run all day, you can ensure a healthier atmosphere inside your home. It can even be left open in the winter and not freeze.

What Are the Advantages of Tilt & Turn Windows?

There are many advantages and features of the Tilt & Turn Windows, including: 

  • Inward opening window with tilt function

  • Energy ‘A’ rating

  • Single handle (choice of colors) with dual function

  • Tilt window for ventilation

  • Turn window for easy cleaning and egress

  • Much larger openings than standard casement windows due to steel reinforced frame

  • Can be made as dual function French Door to patio

  • Larger panes of glass provide uninterrupted views to the outside

Window opening options
Tilt window

Tilt Windows

These windows only possess the Tilt option which allows a constant ventilation of your desired space. The amount at which the window will be tilted and how much air will be circulating inside is something that can be regulated by hand. The window can be opened to the maximum or

down to the minimum which is also known as micro ventilation. Due to the security straps on the

window which are made as a security feature, even with the window Tilted inwards it is impossible for an intruder to enter the premises of your home through the window.

Tilt Windows

Tilt and Turns Windows

The European Classic. The universal window that has two options: The tilt option which allows for a limited amount of ventilation and enables a constant inflow of fresh air into the premises.

On the other hand we have the Turn option which opens under a 90° angle which allows for a full ventilation of the space. These are the most used types on windows in Europe and are suitable for every type of interior.

Tilt and turn window
Tilt an Turn Windows
Fixed window

Picture Windows

The name says it all. These windows are made for pure panoramic function and joy, but at the same time makes them very limited in use as they can not be opened fully nor tilted. They are used mostly in places where the idea is to highlight the panoramic views of the surrounding area, while at the same time allowing plenty of daylight to enter into the premises. However as mentioned above as well their biggest limitation is the fact that they can not be opened and ventilation and inflow of fresh air with these windows is not an option.

Picture Windows

Double Tilt and Turn windows

As they name says these are Double Tilt and Turn windows which means that they are essentially two separate windows connected into one with a central bar in the middle. The two

handles on each of the windows separately allow the customer to choose whether he wants to open only the left/right side of the window or both at the same time. The security features allow the user to leave both the windows in the Tilt Position even while away from the home, without

any fear of potential intruders.

Twin opening window with column
Double tilt and turn windows
Twin opening system window

French tilt and turn window

French Tilt and Turn Window are very similar to Double Tilt and Turn Windows with one difference. In this type of windows there is no central bar that is built in which automatically means that not both of the wings of the window can have the tilt option. Both of the wings of the window can be opened inwards (turn option) but only the wing of the window on which the handle is placed can be tilted as well.

As they name says these are Double Tilt and Turn windows which means that they are essentially two separate windows connected into one with a central bar in the middle. The twoany fear of potential intruders.

French tilt and turn windows

Tripple Tilt and Turn windows

As the name indicates these are triple Tilt and Turn windows which have two central bars placed in between the windows and 3 handles, one on each of the windows. With these windows the options are endless, from opening all three of them at the same time and allowing for a full ventilation of your home, close two and keep only one opened. The options and availabilities are there, the rest is down to your personal preference.

Tripple opening window
Tripple tilt and turn windows

Custom shape Tilt and Turn windows

You tell us what you want and how you imagine your Tilt and Turn windows to look like and we will do it. We used all the top of the line materials and combining that with our know-how allows us to facilitate the needs of every client and keep up even with the most difficult and demanding architectural demands.

Custom shape tilt and turn

Slider windows

The demand for sliding system on windows is on a rise lately. Our sliding windows have a robust construction, which is however very easy to handle and allow you to enjoy the breathtaking views. These types of windows are most commonly used in houses or homes in general that

have a view out into a garden.

Slider windows
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